South African-born Stephen Graham has been working as an Artist and a Designer in the Art

and Creative industries since 2003 after graduating from the prestigious and world-renowned Central Saint Martens in London. 

Stephen’s passion and focus lies in his Art, but since establishing his Art practice shortly after graduating he has made his mark in several disciplines and sectors both internationally in

London where he started out, and locally in South Africa where he now resides. 

Over the course of almost 2 decades Stephen has developed a unique vision in the field of

creative direction, now having extensive experience in décor, fashion and lifestyle,

implementing what he refers to as ‘experiential design’. With his notable eye for creating

dynamic and inspirational set designs for magazine covers, editorials, theatre, television,

film and events, his imaginative and novel approach to creative design has translated itself

into works that have featured on the covers of international magazines, in various fashion and lifestyle spreads and viewed on television shows.



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